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Rahul Prabhakar
Close on the heels of the tower flows the Han River, which has seen the city go through several ups than downs for over 2000 years.
Liv Blessing
Last Stop: Hangang River Ferry The view is utterly gorgeous, and the trip is a lot of fun. One of the bridges you go under has a huge rainbow fountain that goes off, which is stunning. Plus, it is restful and calming to relax from the rest of the day’s stress; I would have done it every night if I could. It is also one of the best ways to get pictures of the night skyline! Tips • Attend the one at 8:40 p.m. You can go later if you want; however, the later tours may cost as much as $50, so bear that in mind. • Wear wet-worthy clothes or step inside when people start backing up. The ferry goes under the fountain bridge that rains water over everyone out in the open. You can step inside the glass shelter if you want; just watch out for when everyone heads backwards. We enjoyed the cooling water! • NOTE: There won’t really be any taxis around when you get off the ferry, so you’ll probably have to take the subway to your next locale. Go back to the station and head for you hotel’s station or back toward a stop you recognize. There will definitely be taxis at Gangnam, Chungmuro, Insa-dong, etc. It’s safe, the taxis just stay around busier areas instead of this park. Extra Information • DIRECTIONS Taxi  DON”T try this without a copy of address in Korean characters! Drivers often won’t recognize the name when you say it without additional help. Just hand them a piece of paper with the address and do your best to say “YOH-ee-DOH” (Yeouido). They should figure it out, if they don’t say “yO-ee-na-rU yOk” (Yeouinaru Station). Subway: Yeouinaru Station (Subway Line 5), Exit 3 (dock is about 5 minutes from the station). o Go straight down to the river; walk to your right along the sidewalk along the waterfront until you see the big TICKET sign lit up. There will be 2+ boats docked there usually; you want the one where the long line is (but the ticket booth is up on shore so get the tickets first.) If you are totally confused, snag someone