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If all the walking has made you hungry already, head close to your next destination for some finger licking street food. If there is one thing that you can never have enough for in this city, it’s their street food. While there are popular street food markets in Myeongdong and Gwangjang, to save some time head over to the food market at Insadong. Try out the famous Korean barbeque or the dumplings. One of the must try dishes while in Seoul is the Chimaek which is basically a combination of chicken and beer on the go. For deserts, attempt finishing the 32 cm long twist ice cream which will cost you only approx. 2000 ₩ (approx. ₹128)Nearest subway station: Accessible via Anguk Station on Line 3 (exit 6) or from Jonggak Station on Line 1 (exit 3).Afternoon- Visit the best of shopping destinations in the city!Indulge in some retail therapy at Insadong!Whether or not you are the kind of traveller who likes to shop-till-you-drop vacation, Insadong is the perfect place to hang out for everything from shopping for souvenirs, art and craft to watching street performances. The best time to visit this is during weekdays to avoid the crowds, however if you travel on a weekend then it’s a great place to explore it as well, as motor vehicles are prohibited here then. Insadong also has some of the cutest tea shops where you can taste some of the best teas in the world.Nearest subway station: Accessible via Anguk Station on Line 3 (exit 6) or from Jonggak Station on Line 1 (exit 3).Go crazy at the Namdaemun market
Anuj Tikku
It was 6 pm by then. I had smoked my last cigarette and was getting a bit tired and irritated. Basho came up with the perfect remedy “Why don’t we get you a massage, sir?”. I said “I thought paid sex and prostitution was illegal in Korea”. He smiled and replied “It’s the oldest profession in the world, sir. How can it be illegal? Let me see what I can do”. We soon drove into an alley. I pulled out 250,000 won from the ATM and we walked into a basement. The lady of the joint took the money and walked me into a room full of towels with a bed in the middle. Soon Jueng, a young Korean girl, entered all giggly. She took me by the hand into the shower. Then took off her clothes and bathed me for a while. She then poured shampoo on me and made sure every part of my body, including my Khojo, was sparklingly clean. She gave me an oil body-to-body massage and a spanking blow job. It all took but 40 minutes and I was done. I thanked everyone and Basho drove me back home. As he opened the door to let me go, he took off his cap and said “It was a pleasure taking you around, sir. You truly are an Indian Maharaja.
Anuj Tikku
We then walked into Insadong Street which is a street where a lot of art, calligraphy, curios and other items are sold. In simpler words, it is an art street. I ventured into some art galleries and finally, when Basho and me had both worked up an appetite, we decided to dine in Caffe Little India. This was a small caffe decorated with ethnic Indian wears and served Indian food like lassi, achaar, butter chicken, roti, pullao and other such delicacies. The music from Shah Rukh Khan’s Film “Happy New Year” was playing aloud “Kehte hain humko pyar se India wale”. Basho was delighted that I would be treating him to an Indian meal. After we were over with the meal, i asked Basho to take me to a book shop where I bought a few books on Korea and its cultural heritage.
Dianne Goh
Next stop is the artsy craftsy neighbourhood of Insadong. Remember how I said each neighbourhood in Seoul is different? Here's the cultural, artsy part of Seoul! We skipped some of the souvenir shops and went to Ssamzegil Shopping Complex. Unique crafts by local designers are sold here, and the building itself is decorated with artwork. The building is also special as the shops line a walkway that goes around the entire structure with a square in the middle. You can explore the entire building without walking up stairs or using escalators. You just walk up this slope continuously.
Insa-Dong is a very famous culture street, with hundreds of galleries, shops, and artist stalls set up here and there. Lots of great souvenirs and plenty of traditional tea shops to whet your appetite for the great dinner you're sure to find. Bring you walking shoes!