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Mandy Cheong
Clubbing in Seoul– It is really interesting to look at different countries’ nightlife. There are two different kind of clubs in Seoul, those really posh one (the one you see in drama) and those that youngsters/hipsters will visit(can wear sneakers one). The posh one are often located around Gangnam, Apujeong where all the rich people stayed. If you don’t know, ‘Gangnam Style’ is actually a sarcasm toward the rich people living along Gangnam. Ok back, so we decided to visit Club Octagon. The crowd is generally older/mature but the club plays awesome music and have the best sound system in town. Drinks are reasonably priced too, around 10000KRW.
Afni Amin
We were going to take it easy today. Took some time to sleep in. For some reason, I was not able to sleep that well in Jeju even though I was exhausted from all the walking. Lunch at Itaewon, because I miss chicken. If you are looking for halal food, you can find a lot of halal restaurants in Itaewon. Its also where the mosque is. We were the first customers in the restaurant, and it was such a long wait for our food. The owner was nice enough to give us fruit cocktail while waiting for our main food.