Jump 1/1 by Tripoto


Yizhen Yap
Jump performance in Korea is a martial arts play, thats really amazing with comedic elements (like extremely funny), and they have performed on international stages too. Ok, so listen (or read). There's a seoul tourist center (KTO) that has "Rush tickets" for most performances in Seoul. Rush tickets as explained by the KTO website: "KTO Rush Ticket Feature: Rush Ticket offers last minute discounts of up to 70% on performance tickets. The tickets can be purchased only on the day of the show. The tickets are available at KTO’s Tourist Information Center (TIC), where visitors can also get tourism-related information. Payment Method: On-site payment" http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/performance.kto?cmd=intro&md=enu&lang_code=ENG The thing about these tickets is that you have to buy only on the day of the performance. But I can tell you it's TOTALLY worth it. Ok for the Jump performance tickets the prices range is VIP seat: 60,000 won R-seat 50,000 won S-seat 40,000 won The day of the performance I went down to the KTO to get two tickets, expecting say a 20-30% discount. I actually checked the seating for that day the previous night and there were no tickets selling, so I told my friend that I was going to KTO that morning to check if there were rush tickets, and if there wasn't it doesn't matter we can go explore elsewhere. But but but, the best thing is at KTO the lady was so sweet and she said that there are Rush tickets for the R and VIP category at 50% off so that would be R (25,000 won) and VIP (30,000 won). So she asked me which did I want, I was thinking 5000 won difference was actually not that much, but went with the R-category tickets anyways (5000 won can get me two good bowls of ramen). So essentially, the KTO will book the rush tickets for you by phone and give you a piece of paper with reservation ticket category, number of tickets and amount to be paid. You take this piece of paper to the ticketing counter at the performance and pay the discounted amount. We were pleasantly surprised when our seat was in the third row and right in the center! The VIP tickets probably around the 1st and 2nd rows. But we thought it was the extremely worth it to make the trip down to KTO in the morning, at 25,000 won - third row & center (I guess we were lucky also) , it really doesn't get better. The performance was also amazing AND amazingly funny. They speak in english and korean, but throughout the show there wasn't much dialogue, mostly just amazing stunts with great comedic timing! It is interactive too, they get one or two people from the seats to go on stage to go the stunts with them, and you get a souvenir for doing that. Despite the show premiering in 2003, the theater was totally filled with kids and adults. After the show ends, there is a meet and greet with the actors and actresses, you can get autographs from them or take photo with them, pretty great experience. If you miss this you'll regret. Oh and you can get there by MRT (metro) and walk about 5-10minutes to get to the theater.