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Curiosity Cult
Inexpensive Shopping While Korea is famous for its makeup and skincare products, it has a lot more to offer. Many Korean shops offer a 360 degrees product range right from home utility to kitchen, shoes to travel accessories. I, fortunately, visited Daiso, one of their widely popular stores in Myeongdong Street which offered everything I could think off under one roof. Their products were not only super cost-effective but also good quality and looked fab. If the airplane luggage limit wasn't a constraint, I'd probably spend all of the trip's budget there!
A short walk away from this market are the two most important shopping districts of Seoul. Myeongdong is a paradise for cosmetic lovers. Trust me when I say you can get everything you can dream of and more at wholesale and retail prices (Think 1+1 on brands!!!). If this doesn’t catch your fancy, then walk towards Dongdaemun market. This isn’t like any typical market that you might have seen. With over 30,000 shops, 10 city blocks and 26 malls, you will need a map to know where to head first to get the maximum out of your visit. (This map is easily available at various locations including the station).Nearest subway station: Accessible via Myeongdong station or Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station on Line 2 and 5 and Dongdaemun Station on Line 1, exit 7 and 8.Evening- Enjoy the sunset viewsGet an incomparable view from the N Seoul Tower
Kapil Kumar
9 PM MyeongDong Shopping and Street foodWell, the best thing comes, at last, Myeongdong is like a set of #WalkingDead where you can lot of people are wondering about street food and shopping.
Dianne Goh
We visited the neighbourhoods of Myeongdong and Hongdae today. Myeongdong is very touristy, but we liked it! Not because it was touristy of course. The street food selection was pretty enticing and we just liked hanging around the main shopping strip people watching. There were beauty product shops every 3 metres, and the salespeople were yelling out promotions in Mandarin. We didn't do much shopping because we live in a tropical country and they were selling clothes meant to be worn in winter. But there were lots of tiny lanes branching out from the main strip which we would have liked to explore if we had time! Myeongdong also has tons of good restaurants. Plenty to see!