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September - May
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Myeong-dong Cathedral

Yizhen Yap
Shopping and Food!! If you're in Korea to stock up on your skincare and makeup products, this is the place where you can get EVERYTHING (like literally)! There are shops like skinfood, missha, tony moly, laneige, nature republic, etc (too many to keep count). The thing is, as you are walking around you may notice that the same brand has two different shops in Myeong-Dong, this is because these shops are franchised. So to get the best deal (sometimes certain shops have more discounts, or freebies etc), take your time to scout and walk around before settling on buying everything in a single shop. And after walking for a really long time, there are restaurants around the area to satisfy your hunger and fuel the rest of your shopping day. We came across this cafe called Osulloc, it's tea brand that originated from Jeju. They have a wide selection of teas with interesting combinations, though slightly pricier in Seoul than in Jeju. And they have this amazing Green-tea ice-cream that is like the best stuff on earth (Don't miss it if you like matcha flavoured stuff)! And of course one day here is not enough, so we came back here twice. With the amount of shops here (there are also zara, topshop etc), you'll literally shop 'til you drop. OH! and there's this ABC shoe mart thing (if you do come across), you can get really cheap and good shoes (Vans, converse, nike, adidas etc) that are genuine but comes in odd sizes, so if you're lucky they may have it in your size! This ABC shop appears in many places and the discounts, shoe styles and shoe sizes that they stock are all different.
We checked out Myeong-dong at night since I've visited it repeatedly in the day before. I have to say, the night trip was worth it and a lot more exciting. There are several restaurants lining the streets, including one that served Excellent Chicken Galbi. It was truly delicious! There is also a lot of street food stands mixed in with all the shopping. You can check out Myeong-dong for two types of shopping: High Fashion (I'd go during the day) and Bargain Fashion (I'd go during the night). The stores are all open really late so it's up to you. You can always stop by around 3 in the afternoon and just wander the area until dark.
Afni Amin
Today was supposed to be our shopping day so we were walking around Myeongdong area. Just a tip, if you plan to go to Myeongdong to shop, do not plan to go anywhere else after that. This is mainly because, you will find yourself shopping non stop and before you know it, you will be carrying multiple paper bags. Perhaps we came an expensive country, we found the things in Myeongdong cheap and we could not resist buying a of things such as face masks, bags, clothes, accessories etc. Its like a disneyland for shopaholics.