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War Memorial of Korea

Kapil Kumar
3 PM Itaewon & War Memorial of KoreaThe Itaewon streets are full of bars and restaurants to try the local or foreign cuisine, this place is very famous among foreigners as a hangout place. You can fill your appetite with the local cuisine to enjoy with beer or soju. You can explore the branded showrooms for the shopping. Though The place comes to the life after the sun goes down but still its a worth visiting anytime in the day. You have to visit the War Memorial of Korea to know the amazing history of the North and South Korea. There is no entry fee and this makes this place a worth visit.
Such a pity that the monument was under renovation and maintenance, but we managed to find a nice place to sit and relax. We saw the bronze statue of the Korean warriors too. After that, we went to Garusogil area for some shopping, dinner and hit the sacks! The shopping wasn’t that fabulous at Garusogil, unless you are on a no budget like of shopping spree. Otherwise, the products and clothes that they have to offer there are quite upscale. Won’t really recommend going there for shopping.