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Jhaka Road

Kiran Kumnoor
Day3: Bawta to Jhaka - 6 km - 7000 ft to 8700 ftNext day trail to Jhaka was rather a short one, but it was really testing with its steepness. We crossed from one mountain to the other and trekked slowly looking at the valleys and the river flowing far below us. It amazed how high we had climbed in the past two days. We were at the campsite at Jhaka by afternoon, from where the trek was gonna get more challenging, and it was now the really difficult trail was to begin and we could only be as much prepared - mentally!
Hrishikesh Baruah
Jhaka is also known as the hanging village as it looks like its hanging on the valleys from far. Reaching Jhaka brought some mighty relief. We entered one home where I got to see Apple trees. Apple trees, with apples on them! I have never seen a tree bearing apples before.We were offered some juicy freshly plucked apples. Good lord, they tasted awesome! After spending some quality time, refilling our bottles we set out. More apples were offered on the way, which I gracefully accepted.Straight out of Jhaka and the landscape changed. We were greeted with lovely pine forests and green meadows. This day was turning out to be the best.We found an empty hut filled with thatch on our way. The view from the hut and the feeling of resting inside it was pure bliss. Just sit there, lay back, and absorb all the views while you can.The trail enters a pine forest, and it gets chilly once inside. Quickly out of the shadows of the trees and we can see our lunch spot below right next to the roaring Rupin river.It was a breathtaking place to be in. Most of the people had already reached the spot and started with their lunch. We opened our lunch box to ice-cold roti and aloo sabji. But more than anything it was the landscape around us with loud colourful hue all around. A view you always dreamt of maybe? I was living a dream.