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Jing'an Temple

Rohan Sood
Set against the backdrop of flashy malls and mile-high buildings, Jiag’an Temple is one of the best examples of classic Chinese architecture. First constructed nearly 1800 years ago, the temple has since undergone several renovations. The most important display at this temple is the bronze bell which was built 500 years ago. You can also enjoy paintings and calligraphy created by Yangzhou's Eight Eccentric Painters in the Exhibition Hall. You would be glad you included this in your China itinerary.
pooja thakkar
There are many temples which the must-do list of Shanghai offers, with the top one being the Jade Buddha Temple. However, we decided to skip that one and went ahead with the Jing’an Temple. It is relatively old and has a history of about 500 plus years. It was rebuilt again and again, which clearly shows its significance to the people of China. It has a large statue of Buddha in the Mahaveera Hall, showing the significance of both the Buddhism. It has another huge statute of Buddha in a smiling position and is an extremely huge temple where you can find peace and solace despite the concrete buildings being towered on either sides of the temple. The entry is INR. Rs. 500/- however, it varies as per the lunar calendar, so it is better to check up on that and visit.