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Shanghai Museum

Mayank Shrivastava
Address: 201, Renmin Avenue, near North Huangpi Rd., Huangpu, Shanghai Metro Station: Line 1,2 & 8, People's Square Exit 1 Timings: 9:00-17:00 Admission: Free The Shanghai Museum is a museum of ancient Chinese art. Founded in 1952, it has changed locations three times before its current avatar opened in October 1996. The building is designed to resemble an ancient bronze looking vessel called a ding. Covering a total area of 39,200 square meters, its five floors house three exhibition halls and 11 galleries. The galleries showcase ancient Chinese art like calligraphy, coins and seals to name a few. The coin exhibit with its collection of around 7000 pieces of coins is one of the most interesting exhibits in the museum.
From outside, Shanghai Museum looks like an enormous ‘ding’, a three-legged vessel used for cooking meat hundreds of years ago. Inside, there are 11 galleries displaying a treasure of more than 120,000 pieces, from paintings and sculpture to jade and bronzes. There is a restaurant and a gift shop on the ground floor, and a teahouse on the second. You can easily spend the whole day here if you want.