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Tian Zi Fang

pooja thakkar
You can do one of your evenings in this locality called the French Concession. It’s the older constructions of Shanghai and a little scouting can help you discover some eclectic places. As far as food is concerned, the vegetarians (not the kattar vegetarians) can find some spice on the streetside BBQ stalls, which offer Potato (toudu – for pronunciation), tofu, and some more veggies as 2-3 RMB at stick. It has a lot of garlic flavor to satiate your urge for chatpata food.Further up there are street vendors, who prepare noodles, with your choice of toppings, so ask them to go for plain water while boiling your noodles and put that extra serving of spicy red seasoning, which is found at every table of a Chinese restaurant.