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West Nanjing Road

Rohan Sood
Nanjing Road is the main shopping street of Shanghai and is one of the world's busiest shopping streets. It is the perfect destination for anyone who wants to get down and dirty. The area has thousands of stores that sell everything from clothing to souvenirs. The best part about Nanjing Road is that it caters to all kinds of shopping needs. There are high-end malls selling brands such as Gucci as well as street side stalls selling tacky ‘I Love Shanghai’ t-shirts. No matter what your needs, Nanjing Road has you covered!
pooja thakkar
There is also the Nanjing Street, which finds its way right on top of the list of must-dos in Shanghai. The street is divided in two parts the East Nanjing and the West Nanjing Street. East Nanjing is like your walking street in pattaya, minus the fact that instead of gogo-bars there are branded shops on both the sides of this extremely lit up street. The street does not allow vehicles, so the best deal here is to take that metro, get off at People’s Square station and follow the herd (for once) to get to the East Nanjing Street. This one is an only pedestrian street, where vehicles aren’t allowed and it’s a long long walk. So put on those comfy shoes and get into the bustling, multi hued and pulsating East Nanjing Street. There is this particular mango drink which everyone buys when they enter the street, because it looks so enticing and promising, but you can totally skip that one. The walk can be extremely hectic on a Chinese Holiday, so do your research well before you go. It requires several fleets of cops to manage the crowd and act as a signal while walking in that street to prevent a stampede.There isn’t much to do except click pictures and soak in the lights of the street, unless you’re looking for some brand-buying. The street ends at the Bund, where you will find fancy hotels with amazing rooftops, where you could perch yourself to unwind after the excessive walking.The West Nanjing Street is the quieter one and has some branded stores and restaurants scattered, unlike the chock-a-block East Nanjing Street. For more shopping at the big huge malls with chic brands, get off at the Xuijahui metro station, and right outside there are 3-4 huge malls, all posing diagonally opposite each other, whereas your street shopping can happen at the Science Exhibition Center metro station.