Yangtze River 1/undefined by Tripoto

Yangtze River

Buck Perley
The National Holidays in China are a very popular time for holding marriage ceremonies around the country. Apparently this is because it’s a time when everyone is home for the holidays and so they can gather the whole family together to celebrate. This time around was no different as we passed maybe a dozen wedding processions on the road. The way this typically works is you have a train of about five cars, usually either black Audis or red Fords, with ribbons tied all over them and their license plates covered in red Chinese paper cut outs of characters for luck, etc. We slowly rode into the Yangtze River Delta region. I actually can’t say much in terms of scenery for the coastline of China in general as it is mostly flat, dusty, and developed in a sort of rushed kind of way, but there were several areas around the delta, particularly along the dozens of bridge crossings that were quite nice. One interesting aspect that is probably unique to China is that you will be passing through fields and farmlands and randomly in the middle of one of these fields there will be what looks like an apartment complex being built up in the middle of nowhere.