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Sukriti Somvanshi
There is much controversy about the highest dam in the world. Some think it is the Rogun dam in Tajikistan, which is also listed as the highest dam in the world. However, that was only the projected height of the dam till 1993, when it was destroyed in a flood. Post that, the dam is still in its construction stage. Thus, it is actually the Jinping-I dam, built in 2014, which is the highest dam in the world. It has a 305-meter tall arch and is a major source of energy for industrialization, urbanization etc.The fact that the impoundments of the Jinping-I dam have allegedly been linked to a series of earthquakes is another reason that arouses mystery and interest around the dam.How to reach: You can visit the Jinping-I Dam by going to the Sichuan Province, where the dam is.