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Shikari Devi Temple

The Shikari Devi temple was around 25 km away. The temple of the Hunting Goddess intrigued me. I decided to visit the temple. As I reached the base of the temple, there were around 1000 steps to climb through the misty forest of deodars and pines. The shrine of Shikari Devi is an ancient and is believed to be from the time of the Pandavas who came in this region during their exile. The temple is roofless and is situated at a height of 10,768 ft above sea level. It is considered to be the highest peak in the entire Mandi district and offers amazing views of the valley on a clear day. The priest told me that the Goddess was worshipped by the hunters so that she provides them protection or any attacks during the hunting trips. The priest also believes that the Goddess loves hunting and asks for sacrifice.
Bhupender Singh