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Chadwick Falls

Ragul P G
Chadwick Falls: Though it was freezing cold, the sun was shining and trying to show off in the cloud packed sky. Today we decided to start with something aesthetic. With a small trek, we got to witness some of the best things one can ever see in Shimla. An unnoticed place with almost zero visitors had it's own charm. The valley was in complete silence and we could hear only the sounds of the waterfall and the birds and nothing else. I literally lost my heart and I was in no mood to go from that falls. But my friends convinced me and I had to leave it.
What's a visit to a hill-station if you don't undertake at least one trek? Chadwick Waterfall, located only 7km from the main city is the perfect trek to start your day with. Begin the trek early morning and try to catch the sunrise from the waterfall. The rising sun makes everything poetic and the waterfall gets soaked in magic. It is definitely a sight that you cannot miss.