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It was from Venice that we started our journey to Bled. Train travel from Venice till the last Italian station named Gorizia. A bus journey from Gorizia to the Italy-Slovenia border town of Nova Gorica. Another train from Nova Gorica to Bled. This was the plan. Amongst this, the Nova Gorica railway station is an interesting one. The stati on building lies in Slovenia whereas the walkway and parking space in front of it lies in Italy. We can get down at the bus station in Italy and walk across the border into the railway station in Slovenia! A circular plaque can be seen at the borderline with ITALIA and SLOVENIJA engraved on it. The borders of the 25 countries which follow the Schengen visa agreement is like this. You can move from one country to another country without any obstructions or hindrances or visa checks. The train journey to Bled was also an interesting experience. A cute train with just three coaches. Due to the sparse population, trains in Slovenia are not as long as those in India. Even those coaches runs half empty. The coaches are usually covered in multiple layers of Graffiti. Somehow train coaches in Europe have become the canvas for the Graffiti artists. But instead of being a nuisance, most of the times these graffiti actually make the trains more charming.
In November, my boyfriend and I decided to get away from our boring routine and spend a few days exploring Slovenia. After one day in Ljubljana (the capital), we decided to take the advice of wiser travellers and visit Bled. We were not disappointed; located in the foothills of the Julian Alps, Lake Bled is a fairy tale spot, one of those places that have the power to bewitch you.How to get there?It is only an hour away from Ljubljana and it is very easy to get from there by bus (approx cost 16€ return per person). We went to the main train station (1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia) and bought two tickets on the go. You could buy them online, but it is not really necessary.Where to eat?Being vegan, my boyfriend and I were extremely surprised when we found a vegan cafe five minutes away from the bus stop, right at the centre of Bled (Public & Vegan Kitchen Bled). I would 10/10 recommend it; the owner was lovely and the food... exactly what we needed. We both had burgers (they had a monthly offer) and payed 5 euros each + 1 euro extra because I am gluten-free and the bun was slightly more expensive.
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My next destination was Bled, in Slovenia. I promised towards the end of Part 1 of my post that the trip from there got only interesting, and here is why. While in Venice and researching on how to get to Bled, I realized that there is no cross-country train service between Italy and Slovenia. The only convenient way I could get to Bled from Venice was by taking a train to Gorizia, taking a bus (Bus 100) from Gorizia to Nova Gorica (in Slovenia), and then taking a train from Nova Gorica to Bled Jezero. While it doesn't sound that complicated, neither it actually was, but it took me almost the entire day to get to Bled. Leaving Venice around 9AM, I reached Bled only around 5.30PM.The travel, however, was smooth and enjoyable. Especially, my train journey from Nova Gorica to Bled Jezero. I was on a train which had 3 coaches in total and almost as much people in each coach. The train traversed some beautiful landscape, and the first sign of snow started to show.I guess, by now, you are wondering why did I choose to visit Bled. Most of you might not have heard about Bled, and honestly, neither did I, until I started looking up places to visit east of Italy. Well, for one simple reason, and it's this.