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Kavitha Preetha
Piran is hardly 2 hours drive away from Ljubljana and is one of the most touristy coastal towns in the country. It could be easily covered in half a day or a full day, but it is also an ideal choice for a weekend getaway from the capital city.
Day 3 we were headed to Piran which is a small coastal town in Slovenia about 2-3 hours from Lake Bled. But here's the interesting part, dear husband had planned a surprise for me which accidentally got leaked the previous night. We were going to go sky diving in a place called Bovec on our way to Piran. Needless to say I couldn't sleep the whole night.Well, as they say the best things in life lie on the other side of fear. The sky diving experience was every bit worth.
Spent an entire day exploring the coastal towns. Slovenia shares its border with Austria, Budapest, Italy and Croatia. From the coastal towns, you can view Italy and Croatia. We even walked down to Muggia, a beautiful town in Italy an evening from our homestay in Koper.
Pallavi Das
The pretty little medieval town of Piran is a dotted jewel on the otherwise short coastline of Slovenia. Once a part of the Republic of Venice, there is a very palpable Venetian feeling about this sleepy coastal town. Vivid warm and pastel shades adorning its architecture, narrow alleyways, a stunning Adriatic waterfront, and a bell tower quite indistinguishable from the one at Venice's St. Mark's Square, Piran is unquestionably the Venice of Slovenia.
Sonali Shah
Piran is a beautiful, small sea-side town on the coast of the Istria. So close to Italy that everyone speaks Italian more than Slovenian! Had the most awesome Tiramisu here!