Barshaini Parvati River Dam 1/9 by Tripoto

Barshaini Parvati River Dam

Richa Gandhi
Reached the village around 2 30 and it was time to pack up, we had our bus to catch at 6 45pm from bhuntar. Gagan packed sprouts for us and ate them all the way to barsheini. We also picked up lot of apples and filled a bag with those.You can easily get a cab from Barsheini to Kasol or Bhuntar at a flat rate of 700 and 1600 respectively. I turned off my airplane mode after 3 days of wilderness and i cant tell you how sad i felt.Who wants to live in the city after spending such peaceful days in the mountains. Some goodbyes are really hard to say.
Amrita Singh
The TrekLets workout now! The first half, upto Rudranag village is plain walk walk and walk. Comparatively easy than what is coming for you next! The track is narrow with rocky hills on your left and a gorge on your right with deadly gushing Parvati.