BUNBUNI 1/undefined by Tripoto


Aman Raghuwanshi
You can see snow clad mountains from the Kheer Ganga and everyone who comes to Kheer Ganga thinks to visit these snow clad mountains once. I was among these people, so in the morning i started my trek to these mountains. Initially, i didn't knew the way so i asked my dormitory owner, he told me how to reach snow. He told me its around one hour from Kheer Ganga, but when i started my trek i went to the wrong way. But in between i found out the dorm owner again in between the forests, he told me to go upwards following the trail on which i was walking. This trek was difficult because firstly, i didn't found anyone who was doing the same trek, secondly, it has wide variety of terrains to cover like initially i went through forest which was quite dense, then i reached the top of mountain which was plain and lush green, then i have to climb down that mountain, next i have to go through small snow streams, then i have to climb side by side of big snow waterfall. I didn't reached the top of mountain but i did reached the snow which i wanted to see. Later, i found out the name of place, it was in Bunbuni.