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I was already in love with the country gauging it by the view of the turbulent Indian Ocean from our hotel room. A view intermittently blocked by a passing train on the railway tracks that runs parallel to the street on its left and the sea on its right. With a taste of crab soup, sips of Srilankan coffee and a plate of milk rice and prawn curry, we started our journey towards Habarana, looking forward to the forest safari scheduled at the Kaudulla National Park, and, a 1200 steps climb to the famous Sigiriya Rock, a UNESCO heritage site.At Habarana, we stayed by a Lake, where elephants come to bathe and drink water.
Abhishek Modi
I reached Colombo from Bangalore and departed from Habarana. I took the combination of bus and train to reach Habarana by 11am. The details of the itinerary in detail are here.