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Horton Plains

tejaswini pagadala
Our second day in Nuwara Eliya started very early with our visit to Horton Plains (one-hour drive from Nuwara Eliya town). Horton Plains, as my friend calls it, is a fantasy land and home to Sri Lanka's second and third highest mountain. We were told that it's a 7-km walk through the Plains and would take 3-3.5 hours. We were greeted with a view of the rainbow on our way, a Stag and a picturesque view of the Adam's Peak from the grasslands of the Horton Plains.
Abhishek Saha
We reached Nuwara Eliya around dusk. The first stop on the way was the strawberry farm named Adman's. Located on the horton plains road, the farm had a small shop alongside selling dishes like strawberry pancakes, juice, cake etc. So after some clicks inside the covered area, we ordered for a strawberry pancake at the shop. Boy, was it delicious! Absolutely filling, the pancake had strawberry sauce & ice cream inside which made it superb. We were absolutely delighted as we headed towards our stay, Hotel Heaven Seven. Located just off the road, this hotel was on the road up the hill. And as expected, the room opened up to the view of the hills. Truly breathtaking. After checking in, we left for temple hopping & shopping in the local market. There was a Hindu temple nearby where we offered evening prayers. But just as we headed into the market, it came pouring down. With no umbrellas & slight cold setting in, we decided to call it a day and headed back to our hotel. A candle lit dinner of steak and fish and we retired to our rooms content.Day 3: Horton Plains National Park
Masala Foie Gras
Finally we arrived at some 4am (yeah 4am was our “lucky time” through the trip), and found a small hotel to bunk for an hour and then head for our trek in Horton’s Plains. Horton’s Plains in itself is almost a 1.5 hour long drive away and once there, it’s another 9km trek that takes around 2 hours to cover. The plains are said to be remnants of the ancient forests and are covered by wild grasslands, dotted with waterfalls and lakes. Just when we started our trek we came face to face with a huge Sambhar deer, who clearly did not give us a second look while we kept standing there and staring at its magnificence. We moved further on and again we saw a small bunch of deers prancing across the path.
A must-do in Nuwara Eliya is a visit to Hortons Plains and trek the 10-12 kms plains to reach"Worlds End", a sheer cliff with a drop of around 4000 ft. Standing at the precipice high up among the clouds and mist, you will truly feel your arm is touching the heavens.
The next morning we set out for a trek to Hortons Plains to reach the highest precipice there "Worlds End". The 10-12 km trek is a fairly easy one but be prepared to do LOTS of walking.