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Horton Plains National Park

I was suggested to leave early morning for Horton Plains and The World's End as it gets really hot during the day. Therefore, I got up around 4.30AM and left in an hour. I pooled up for the taxi and entry to the park with 3 other travellers in the hostel - 2 Chinese girls and an English man.
Go to the World’s End at Horton Plains National ParkSet out early morning to spot some rare birds and animals, and also walk to the World’s End, a cliff with a drop of 4,000 feet and a breath-taking view.
tejaswini pagadala
As we trekked through the Horton Plains, it reminded us of scenes from the Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Bridge to Terabithia, 127 hours, etc. We witnessed the weather change frequently: From foggy morning to the grasslands covered partly in shade and partly in sun with cold wind blowing across and soon after, the rain changing the whole landscape from a dry to a wet region. From wild grasslands to patches of thick forest, plateau, rocky protrusions, slippery slopes, misty lakes and dewy waterfalls - all part of this beautiful creation of the Nature. This too is a photographer's delight as flora and fauna is found in abundance & preserved well. As you walk through, you will be spellbound by the stunning beauty and surprises along the way. It's a trekkers' paradise with a rocky terrain. Baker's Falls, World's End and Mini World's End are the spots you will searching for, during this trek. During your trek, you will be greeted by people of different colours, races and ages. All smiling and throwing an excited or a reluctant "hello" or "morning" at you. (These people keep you going and re-energise you along the way, proving that age is just a number). The walk can get monotonous but you need to keep going and motivate yourself along the way. And, when you reach the end, you heave a sigh of relief for what you've seen. And, it all feels like it was worth the strain.(Tip: Dress in sportswear. Shoes are a must). On our way back from Horton Plains, my friend spent time filming Krishna and his story and we also got a view of the Gregory Lake. Sweet Kandy - Blending Culture & Commerce
Set in the central hilly region of Sri Lanka, Horton Plains is one of the least talked about national parks. Famous for its endless stretches of wild moor like grassland, rolling hills, excellent weather and endemic flora and fauna, Horton Plains makes an excellent day trip from Nuwara Eliya. Flowers dot the well kept sanctuary and sambhar deer, black lipped chameleons, purple face langurs etc are easily spotted. 
Abhishek Saha
Probably the most hectic day of our trip, the day started with early breakfast as we headed to Horton Plains National Park. In the hour long drive, we climbed up one of the most scenic hills. Small windmills reminding of english farms, tea gardens and what not. There was even a lake on the way, giving us some stunning photographs. As we neared the park, the cloudy mountains greeted us with lovely views.
Abhishek Saha
Horton Plains National Park is located an hour away from Nuwara Eliya. There is a 10km trek through points like World's End & Baker's fall.