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Things to do: Kitulgala is one of the wettest places in Sri Lanka. The Kelani River at Kitulgala offers grade three rapids that make for a thrilling experience for travellers arriving here for the adventure. The experience is open for professionals as well as beginners. Travellers have shown a growing interest in rainforest adventure camping inside the jungles of Kitulgala. Apart from rafting, waterfall abseiling is another exciting adventure luring visitors to this serene corner of Sri Lanka.Best time to visit: Go to Kitulgala for white-water rafting from May to December. It's unsafe to go white-water rafting here during heavy rainfall.
Ahelee Bhadra
#SwipeRightToTravelTime had finally caught up with me. It had already been four years in Sri Lanka. I met my former house mate/bestie in Kolkata and together we went back to her home country for university. Fast forward four years and there I lay, curled up in bed (in Lanka), intense sadness pulsating throughout my body. 2 weeks left until I leave my friends and life, to fly back to Kolkata.Communication can get you far. Strange enough for me, I ended up speaking to a recent friend I had gotten close to over a short period of time. This individual named Shammi, who is practically my opposite- parties all day and night, his life motto is probably “sleep is for the dead”, while I embrace any sleep, anywhere. So he listens to all my drama and within a few hours messages:Shammi: Is it possible for ya to leave home tonight, if we can head towards Kitulgala?Me: WHATShammi: Shut up and get readyPacked my bag, and within an hour we leave the city behind for my last adventure in Sri Lanka. We were accompanied by two of his friends whom I hadn’t met before. I was about to spend the best last days with strangers. Spent the night at one friend’s, felt awkward and shy. Next morning we were off, a quick stop to drink the freshest king coconut water and this was me, still troubled by my irrelevant dramas and sadness:
Neha Menezes
An add on to your list of "Must do's in Sri Lanka" is the white water rafting in Kitulgala. The river, sun and the mesmerizing surroundings capture all your senses. This indeed is my new found love.Sri Lanka was truly a delightful experience, I did not expect it to be this fascinating. It is now in my list of countries to be revisited. I definitely encourage you to add it to your bucket list. It will blow your Mind!Frequent Searches Leading To This Page:-Sri Lanka tour packages price, Best places to go in Sri Lanka in march, Top tourist attractions in Sri Lanka, Tourist attractions in Sri Lanka, Best beaches in Sri Lanka in November
Harita Vinnakota
Kitulgala is a small town in the west of Sri Lanka. The Kelani river (the broadest river in Sri Lanka) flowing through Kitulgala was the main location where the Oscar winning movie 'The Bridge over the River Kwai' was filmed. On the hill above this town, a prehistoric cave was recently discovered containing skeletal remains from some unknown civilization. Kitulgala is also a base for white-water rafting, which starts a few kilometers upstream.