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Ashish G
We spent about 3 hour playing around, had lunch, and reached at Matara beach by 4 pm. This beach had children play area which kids enjoyed a lot, and breeze was great, so it was fun to just sit and watch. There is small (free) island temple nearby. After dinner at Mayura restaurant (cheap, tasty) nearby, we retired for the day.
Shanela Anthony
After my beach escapes in the Southern Coast, I decided to do something a bit different and found a bungalow on a hill in Matara! I do not know how to put in words how amazing this bungalow was. It was perfection. Makuludola Bungalow is THE place to go to when in Matara.
Nothing paints a prettier picture of the paradise island than coconut palms glinting in the sun. The tall palms along the beach are the embodiment of enjoyment—it truly is a tropical heaven. Yet, the copses of coconut that we glimpsed en route to Matara represent the economical importance of this unassuming palm. From its fruit to its root, this tree serves as cooking ingredients, medicine, roof material, and lumber for furniture. The estates of the coconut triangle that leans on the E01 span out in acres, catering to a never-ceasing demand.
Another option is to take a train to Matra and a bus or taxi to your beach.There are wide choices of accommodation available from the pricey ones to dorm rooms. On our visit in February we found you can easily get a room after reaching the beach.2. The Tea plantationsSri Lanka produces some really good tea. The hill country is covered with tea plantations and they open their doors to visitors. You can expect a tour of the estate covering the plantations, tea processing techniques along with tea tasting. Most of these are free though you might be offered some paid refreshments.You can take a train or bus to get to one of the towns. Most of these plantations will be around if you are in the hills. A few plantations can also be found near the coast. These produce spices, coconut and rubber along with tea. Most of the visits are usually day tours but you can ask for accommodation in the estate. These are quite expensive and may defeat the free purpose.3. The Alternate Sigiriya
We decided to reroute and drive through Ella down towards Matara. Stopped to take in the views at the Ella Gap, It is said that on a perfect clear night one can view the subtle glow of the lighthouses on Sri Lankan south coast.