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Muthu Venkatesh
Our plan is to visit Delhouse (or Nallathanniya) which is one of the base for the trail to Adam's Peak. The trip from Kandly to Hatton takes about 3 hours and can be made by either bus or train. There is a morning train that leaves at around 10 am to Hatton and the I suggest you try to get a reservation on the day you arrive at Kandy unless you don't mind travelling, sitting nearby the doorway like I did. You can possibly get a bus to Delhouse directly from Hatton train station, during peak the season or else you have find your way to the bus station in order get a bus to Delhouse.The 2 hrs ride from Hatton to Delhouse is very scenic as the bus makes its way through lush green tea plantations, lakes and water falls. Most of the guest houses (Grand Adams Peak, Slightly chilled etc) in Delhouse are located along the main road, so if you could locate your guest house on the way you can ask the driver to drop you off there directly. Later in the evening take a stroll around the tea plantations by walk or hire a tuk tuk if you want to wander a bit far off. Most people here are migrants from Tamilnadu (in south India) and are super friendly especially towards Indians.The lakeside here has great view with with water falls in one corner and tea plantations around. Possibly your tuk tuk driver can get you through there as its located inside some private tea plantations and you are not supposed to trespass by yourself. Once you finished with sight seeing go to bed early as tomorrow is going to be a tough and challenging day.