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Nine Arches Bridge

Soumi Datta
On the way back from the Little Adam’s Peak, take a detour to check out the Nine Arches Bridge. If you time yourself well, you might even be able to see the train crossing by – gave me serious Harry Potter feels J Well, over here, I will refrain from sharing the train timings, because the truth is, on asking different sets of people we got different answers. Sometimes the Sri Lanka train is late as well, but there are a lot of local shops around and they should be able to help you with the next train to be crossing by.You might have to go down some weird ways to reach the viewing point for the train. But don’t even think about coming back up. I would strongly recommend you go down to the rail tracks, click loads of pictures, and then walk along the rail tracks back to Ella. Sounds fun, right? It is a 40 minute walk, and should build up enough appetite for lunch, by the time you reach the city center.The rest of the day is for you to relax and unwind, but I would recommend you visit the Halpwethatha Tea factory if you can. If not for the extra knowledge and demonstration of how tea is made, for the spectacular views from up there! This one is slightly far from the city and a Tuk Tuk should cost you around Okay, enough hikes for one holiday. I promise, now on, it will just be beaches, good food, some sunlight and a lot of chilling!