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Amit Tyagi
This day typifies of what it is like to travel alone and without a plan! I started off from my guest house, planning to scale the second, less illustrious (and did I mention ,free) rock in Sigiriya, and then, changed my mind on my way, turned back, got my backpack from the guest house. As I was having breakfast, I got chatting with some taxi drivers who told me that Pollanaruwa, which I wanted to visit, but was flooded, until a couple of days back, was fit to visit. I changed my plan, then and there and decided to go to Pollanaurwa. Before I said goodbye to Sigiriya, I made a new friend, one who was a bit shy, as you can see from the pic below!
Joy Bose
Took a tuk tuk in Polonnaruwa. Did the full day of sightseeing. Here too, the entry ticket price for Indians is half that of other foreigners.Also saw the museum at Polonnaruwa.At the end checked in at Seyara holiday resort at Polonnaruwa.12 April
An evening visit to the ancient city of Polonnaruwa is a must. This is Sri Lanka’s second oldest city( after Anuradhapura) created during the reign of King Parikrambahu in the 12th century. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage site as it still contains near- intact ancient buildings set in a grid like layout of what was once a glorious city.
Jyoti sharma
Polonnaruwa:Still difficult to pronounce this destination for me but it's a must watch. From the main bus stand buses are there every half an hour. This trip was one specific trip where I didn't get seat in the bus. It takes around 2- 2.5 hours to reach Polonnaruwa from Dambulla.Once you get down at the bus stand, you could rent a bicycle. I rented for 200 LKR after bargaining. Go to the museum and buy your ticket first.The ticket is for 3250 and 1640 for SAARC if you show your passport. After visiting the museum, I set for the ruins which are 1/2 a km from the museum. Initial citadel and outer space are close by but other places like Siva devtal, lotus pond, Gal vihar etc. are far and hence the bicycle comes handy. The whole trip would take 3-4 hoursMust carry: Socks as you have to remove shoes and sun makes the stones too hot to walk on. Water Umbrella as it's really hot and sunny. Sunglasses as it's really hot and sunnyThe trip to Polonnaruwa will take one full day if you visit all the places and go in detail and also if you are travelling to and from Dambulla.
Apex Travelogue
Sri Lanka's splendid medieval capital is full of preserved ruins such as Colossal buildings, statues and relief sculptures which showcase Buddhist arts and architecture with a large dose of Indian influence.