Mujib Nature Reserve

The Mujib Biosphere Reserve ( South Jordan) bordering the Dead Sea has one of the most dramatic natural beauty in whole of Jordan. It is home to many varied flora and fauna, including the rare Syrian wolf, Egyptian mongoose, caracal and poisonous desert snakes. The horned Nubian Ibex can be found in the higher reaches of Mujib’s sandstone mountains. There are several hiking trails available at this reserve and registered RSCN( Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature) guides are mandatory for these hikes. Campsites are available and can be booked at the visitor’s center. Among the other lesser known but equally rich Jordanian nature reserves areAzraq and Shawmari (East Jordan). Located in the heart of eastern Jordanian desert, Azraq is a unique wetland oasis. It includes several natural and ancient built in pools, marshy land and mud flat which attracts hordes of migratory birds each year. Spring rains turn the entire area green and around 2,000 species of wild flowers bloom forth.