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Chiufen (Jiufen Old Street)

Divas Bahuguna
Tara Anne Nikezic
1. Get lost in the charming old streets which are narrow and winding, filled with boutique shops, tea houses, vintage inns of Taiwan’s last gold mining cities.
Jiufen-Shifen is a must go area if it is your first time to Taiwan or have not visited the area before. It’s a bustling winding streets that houses truckloads of local specialties and souvenirs. It is also renown for their Peanut Ice Cream, Ah Ma Taro Balls and their handmade Meatballs. Once you’re done with the food and souvenirs shopping, you can head down to the -
3.Take a walk down the old streets of JiuFen
My Wandering Soles
Soon we arrived at the main town of Jiufen, surrounded by a large temple and a lovely mountain peak, partially shrouded in the clouds. The day was bright and beautiful, and there was a cool breeze. In fact, Taiwan weather as a whole has been a cool and welcome relief from the intense humidity of Singapore. The views are gorgeous from all sides. It is amazing that this type of natural beauty is so easily accessible from the capital of Taiwan. You definitely cannot find this environment in Singapore, regardless of how much effort the government puts into preserving nature and inserting gardens and parks into the city.