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Selvaraj knocked the door by 6.00 Am in the morning and offered us coffee grown in his own plantation. He told that Shiva came and knocked the door by 11.00 Pm yesterday and you were not opening the door. He bought you food from hotel. I told the incident to Ela. And we both wanted to meet Shiva. Ela could barely remember his face as he had seen him two years ago. we enquired the villagers where Shiva's home was and reached. His Mother was there and we asked for Shiva. She invited us inside and offered tea. Shiva entered and we started talking to him and he was telling everything what happened yesterday night.Shiva's mother cooked break fast for us. We were n a worry that we had wasted the food that was brought yesterday. We told her to serve the food that was bought yesterday. She was not interested in serving the old meal. She served freshly cooked meals and we forced her to serve the old meal to us. Because, we don't want to waste it.Heart is full. Stomach is full.Took our bags and thanked everyone who helped us. We gave them our address and told them to call back if they are in our place.Selvaraj told us that if you take the road to kodaikanal, it will be 11 kms from the village. He also told that there was trial leading to Kodaikanal via Cinnamon plantation. We took the trial and started climbing the trial.