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Agni Teertham

Neha Shrivastava
I reached my hotel (Hotel Vinayaga), friendly staff. I went into the room , refreshed and moved towards the temple, it was morning 8:30 I guess. It was 1.2 Kms away from the hotel. I decided to walk, following the Google maps. I went through a local bazaar, looked at people. It was all very calm, noone was staring at me. People were busy with their daily routine stuff. I reached the temple and decided to follow the suit. Before going to the temple, its a custom to first take a dip in Agnee Teertham (i.e. Bay of Bengal) and then take shower in the 22 wells inside the temple and then change and then you can do darshan.I walked towards Bay of Bengal, saw many people were bathing. I decided to walk a little towards right, away from the crowd. I saw there were many fisherman pulling the jaal (fish net). I was delighted to see the way they were pulling the net. The synchronization of the feet, the chorus, it was such a balanced effort, the words of the songs, the hand movements, the foot movement, amazing synchronization.