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Sheetal Patil
After visiting Paradise beach we went to Auroville Ashram. The road is fully covered with greenery. Mantri Mandir is a special place to meditate and understanding the universal truths. This is a lovely place and you would definitely feel being with the nature. The huge trees gives great respite from the sun.Day 03:Early morning around 5:30am we went to Serenity beach. This is one of the lesser commercial beaches covered with beautiful blue water .Its slightly away from the main part (white town) but definitely worth the tripAfter coming from serenity beach we went for some shopping. You can find a many western clothes shops that too even very cheap prize from Pondicherry.So this was my overall experience about Pondicherry. If you want to vanish all your worries, then pack your bags and head to Pondy.P.S : Best season to visit Pondicherry,I must say from Sept to Jan.
This is a universal township with tourist attractions such as the golden globe, which is the main attraction at this site. Auroville is 8 kilometres away from Pondicherry and is a cherished place for nature and history lovers alike. Trees everywhere. Reach the parking lot, take a look at the information centres which give you an overview about the place, get your passes from the ticket counter and then start walking to the Matrimandir, that is the globe. Good time spent with nature.
Baidehi Ghosh
The next day we decided to go to Auroville and few other beaches. So we rented a scooty. Auroville was about 12 km away from where we stayed. We crossed amazing some boulevards on the way and reached the self-sustaining global village, famous for the golden globe, The Matrimandir. We walked to the Matrimandir viewpoint where people from all over the world visited. We then went to a French Cafe and had cheesecake.
Leave for Auroville Walking tour tickets sold at the entrance – 2 hoursMatrimandir – need to visit the tourist information centre in person one day prior to the visit – 30 minsAuroville beach (crowded and could be missed)Stores/ Restaurants – • Stop for pizza at – Tantos (Auroville road)- If you’re craving pizza • Auroville bakery- Must have pain au Chocolat and Chocolate moelleux. Apple crumble which was gooey and soft, cheese croissant, chicken escalope sandwich along with cappuccino.• Must try Hibiscus Syrup (with Soda)• Must pick up long incense sticks and essential oils cheaper that other stores across the country• La Ferme Cheese- Started as a humble establishment in 1988 by a Dutchman Benny Ernst with the simple aim to provide cheese to residents of Auroville. Their fresh cheese Mozzarella, Feta & Ricotta are worth sampling as are the seasoned cheese such as Lofabu, Jeera cheese, Gruyere and Auroblochon( a 6 month old piquant cheese).Day 3:
omprakash gurung
Day 2 started off with a quick lunch at the Indian Kaffe Express and immediately took off in our two wheeler to the village that was once destroyed by the tsunami and has re built itself "Auroville". This is another famous place that one must visit, especially to admire the big golden meditation dome constructed in the middle of the village. Just a heads up, one cannot go near or inside the dome which was a bit disappointing. However upon inquiry, we came to know that if one has to visit the interior of the dome then a booking has to be done a week prior for meditation purpose. The drive towards Auroville is definitely something to enjoy which will take one through the green lush and avenues of tall trees just giving the right amount of soothing breeze to enjoy the whole travel. Hence after spending about 5 hours in the area, we headed back towards the White Town and thus as the sun was setting, it was time for my visit to this Little French Town to be ticked off from my bucket list.To sum it up, I had set a huge expectation from this small town which definitely did not meet. But on a positive side, I did get to see and feel a small amount of French Culture just by looking into the architects and history of it. Now I am much more excited to learn more about this culture and cannot wait to visit France and share this experience here itself. Well then à bientôt France hopefully in 2019.