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Kritika Sahu
While signing off there is one question for self-analysis, when was the last time you ate in a restaurant alone or you spent your day all with yourself? If your answer is, I don’t remember or never then trust me you need to read the above passage again. Explore what never has been done.
Aalisha Vyas
Auroville:- It is aurbindo ashram's township, you can feel mix of culture here. Matrimandir is it's famous attraction but we experienced it from distance as it is closed on tuesday. Auroville is calm place, unique in it's own style. It is in city's outskirt so you need full day to visit there.
Surraiya Rahman
abhijit yeole
Further to this after having breakfast at Cafe des Arts, we decided to goto Auroville. Took a local bus (₹10pp) towards Auroville which drops you on the highway. In the bus looked for places to stay in Auroville and had heard a lot about the Time Travellers Hostel which is right opposite the Matrimandir Visitors Center parking.
shyam sampat
So day 3 in pondicherry so if you are coming to pondicherry then Auroville is the muct visited place by you all so i will explain to you all the Auroville is the community or the place which is 20 kms far away from Pondicherry so this place is been called the spiritual places and there all the people from the whole world comes and stay there for the whole life or for the months or years . They wont accept the money inside the auroville as they have there own thing as a monetary thing so to have a lunch inside with the people who are staying there is big thing for you and you will like to have a lunch there.