Day 5: (Sulthan Battery (SB)- Edakkal caves, Muthanga WLS)After breakfast, I headed to SB bus stand to board bus to Edakkal caves. After a 45 min journey I reached the drop point. From there the cave entrance is approx 2km uphill trek. The cave is awesome historic structure. The petroglyphs inside the cave are of at least three types. The oldest may date back to over 8,000 years. Evidences suggest that the Edakkal caves were inhabited several times at different points in history. The caves contain drawings that range over periods from as early as 5000 BC to 1000 BC. The youngest group of paintings have been in the news for a possible connection to the Indus Valley Civilization. From there I was able to view the Phantom rock. Thrilled with Edakkal cave's history I returned to SB. After having my lunch I headed to Muthanga WLS hoping for any rare sighting. As it was weekday and I was alone, I got the ticket and entered in the second trip. A day ago, a group of jeeps were chased by a herd of elephants. The safari was as usual spotted normal wild animals. Returned to SB to my hotel.