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Kapaleeswarar Temple

Harini Sridharan
Mylapore Kabaleeshwarar Temple: Mylapore is considered to be the most 'sought-after' areas in Chennai due to it's amazing connectivity and the quality of food available. Mylapore revolves around the temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. History states that this temple was created by Lord Brahma who wanted a favour from Lord Shiva. A huge complex filled with devotees, it gives you serenity and adrenalin in equal doses. Visit for the coffee available in the area and to soak in the air of busy devotion ;)
Arushi Dutt
This is one of the oldest temples of Chennai. Make sure to bring your cameras to capture some of the beautiful architecture both inside and outside of the temple. You can get a few trinkets at the nearby shops too. A truly local experience!