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Kolukkumalai Tea Estate

Anusha Nakshathra
As part of the winter ride I did last year in December, we visited several awesome and cold places. One such place was Vagamon and we had to ride from Kolukkumalai. We left from the highest tea estate in the world and began our ride towards Vagamon.
Sneha Gupta
Our day started very early around 3.30 in morning and started journey with sleepy mind towards Kolukkumalai, highest tea plantation on the world.We heard about beauty of sunrises here and want to explore. The bumpy ride and roller coaster journey is enough to make you feel awake throughout the way. Remember you need to hire different jeep. If you don’t like bumpy rides, and having kids and old age people with you or spine problem, heart problem then, it’s better to avoid that part, because road condition is not good enough. Somehow, we reached, the place which is around 33 Km from Munnar and takes more than one hour to reach there. But once you reach this place aroma of freshly plucked tea leaves, gentle rolling tea gardensand floating clouds bowing down to kiss the misty mountain welcome you. We were lucky enough to see the sunrise. It was amazing sunrise in the peak of the mountain and you stand above the clouds. The organic tea plantation is amazing and we visited tea factory as well and as a tea lover I brought some packets of flavored tea. After an unforgettable experience, we were ready for another adventures point, Top station, again more than one hour journey. The journey up to the top station was twisted in every moment. At one twist we witnessed green fields of tea plants basking in the sunshine; and at another twist we saw mountain majestic mountains embellish with misty clouds. Tea gardens all around, at steep angles along the hill, the clouds climbing along the hills at great speed. We were lucky enough to see all the colors of nature in cloudy weather. Next and last destination was Kundala Lake, where we just walked on lakeside and enjoyed the weather. We came back to our resort and took the quick nap for while, packed our bag and hit the road for next destination Kumarakom. On the way we went paid spice garden, where our tourist guide showed the plantation of some spices and we also brought some of them. After 5 hours of sleepy journey we reached Kumarakom, we already booked homestay near the Vembanad Lake and fall asleep.
On the top of Kolukkumalai peak, we sat down and slowly I noticed dew drops flowing on from my hair and my tshirt was filled with droplets to look like powder fallen on clothes.It was great experience there as I am seeing fog turning to mist and snow for the first time. We can feel the drops falling.We never thought of going down until one of us told that the Jeep driver must be wondering why we aren't returning by now.We went to Munnar from there, had some food and rode to home in a stretch.It was the most peaceful 1000km ride.
After 6 kms of offroad, we reached a base until where vehicles can go.We have to walk from there,
Vinod Kumar
Happy Independence day & the best ever sunrise i've seen in my lifetime is at Kolukkumalai since it lies on the eastern side of the western ghats. Some photo session with my official photographer, the Simpex tripod. Had my breakfast & left for the Top station trek. Made some friends who are from Kerala. After a half hour difficult trek reached the summit, from there it's a beautiful view and Meesapulimala(second highest peak in south India) looked majestic. I hope one day i would reach the peak of Messapulimala. The descent was easy & I reached the base camp at the afternoon. Also visited the Tea factory which is the highest organic tea factory in the world. The things you buy before you leave is Tea, Tea, & more Tea. Bought lot of Tea packets & left for Suryanelli.