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Kolukkumalai View Point

Anusha Nakshathra
We then rode for a few more hours and after non-stop winding roads uphill in absolute darkness and in the midst of tall trees, we reached. I couldn't see a thing since it was pitch dark. The place where the tents were going to be pitched had 1 spot light and that was it. It wasn't very cold and we instantly got down to unpacking and setting up the tents.An hour later, we had pitched all our tents and our hosts even gave us a few thick rugs for the night. I looked at my friend as he held the rugs and laughed. It wasn't cold at all; probably just a little cooler than Bangalore in winter and he had himself one thick rug with his brand new blanket.We all made a quick dinner, some rice and curry and some chicken, and while the others wanted to sit by the edge of the mountain to drink and take in the cool air, I wanted to sleep it off. It had been a long winding ride and I we had plans the next day to do some off-roading. I pulled my rug over me and to this day, I think I've had one of the best sleeps in that tent.
Soma Das
We boarded an off-roader dot at 4.30 am the next day (day 3) to Kolukkumalai. We reached the point and saw the sun rising. But the season being rainy one, who could dare win over the clouds?That morning, I saw the clouds at the war. The battalion on my right were clustering in fast to increase on its size. The battalion on my left seemed weak in the beginning. I turned my neck further on my left to see a huge cluster of clouds roaring and while coming to the battlefield, it swallowed in the mountains. They seemed fast and ruthless. Everyone took their positions. But to my surprise, they didn’t thunder, they didn’t lighten. They broke. They broke right before my face and not on my face. I could see the drizzles fly across the empty spaces between the mountains. Nothing touched me.