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Apeksha Mahto
Just as we started our trek, leeches were found and people started running away from them. Our shoes were almost covered by them. So, everyone picked up their shoes and started spraying them vehemently with Insect repellant and salt. Manish had helped me and Shobana to climb up to a safe place free from the leeches. After we were finished with all the mayhem, we started walking again and the way was leading us deeper and deeper into the forest. One can feel the nature, all the greenery and the buzzing of the insects in the deep, silent forest.After a tiring trudge, we reached a place from where the view was just spectacular. The sun appeared as it was peeping at us from the clouds. All the things were appearing so small and tiny. The trek was not yet over. We had to climb more up the mountain through narrow rocky paths to reach the hill top. And finally we were here at the hill top. What a mesmerizing view it was! We were cover by mist all around. There was a temple located there and I believe that all of this was possible due to the grace of the Holy One. Once we reached the hill top, those who were the victims of the leeches, especially Pallavi were getting attended to. Those who weren’t were ready with their cameras and mobiles ready to showcase their photography skills. We had some energy bars to regain a portion of our lost energy.We couldn’t spend more time as we had to get down to the camp site before it was too dark as it would be more difficult to notice the leeches in the dark. I came down sprinting along with Chidambaram following Pallavi and in the process, injured my ankle. But we managed to reach the base camp before it was too dark covering 8 Km. There was a lot happening once we managed to reach the base camp. Everyone was so tired and needed a bit of Volini. And as usual, the leech victims were getting their treatment. We had a camp fire where we danced our heart out and shared each other’s version of “I too had a Love Story.” By the end of which we were sleeping like babies at the camp. We all gals were to sleep in a single tent, tough we were just fit inside the camp we all had fun teasing Shobana.Though it was so hot in the camp, weather outside was just awesome. Today’s itinerary had a waterfall listed. To reach the falls, we had to get down steep and rocky mountain. At some places the steepness was way too much. But Manish had managed to make me reach the waterfall. Whilst I was down enjoying the falls, Fanny was thinking, “I could definitely reach if she can”. The water was ice-cold. Even then everyone has taken a dip in the falls and it had replenished us with the energy required to climb our way back. We were accompanied by ‘Boogie’ our new companion on the way and back from waterfall.
Hrishikesh Baruah
The biggest dilemma and challenge in a trek is to go or not to go to the call of nature. More so if you have to go out in the open, like a freaking Indiana Jones searching for that sweet spot, and not cross eyes with a fellow trekker meandering around like you for a "place" as well. Jokes apart we all had to run around in the bushes to relief ourselves. Once that was done our 1st destination for the day was a nearby waterfall where we will take a splash.
Vaibhav Gangrade
We made our way to the Kukkal lake, and it was the most beautiful place I had seen in the southern part of the country.