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Mayank Singhal
Bhavini Srivastava
Day 3 was a trip to Auroville which is approximately 16 kms away from Pondicherry. Luckily the weather was not that bad for a long ride. Auroville is an experimental township in Viluppuram district mostly in the state of Tamil Nadu, India with some parts in the Union Territory of Puducherry. This golden ball is also known as Matrimandir. We need to enroll before hand to enter this area for meditation.
Apurva Jain
Matrimandir is an edifice of spiritual significance for practioners of integral yoga. This is a place where the needs of the spirit and the care for progress would get precedence over the satisfaction of desires and passions. It teaches you to stay close to nature and promotes peace. It is situated around 10 kms from Pondicherry in Auroville. It's a 15-20 mins walk to reach to the central mandir with the dome shaped architecture. Visitors are not allowed to enter inside it, for that we have a book an appointment 5-6 days before visiting. It's a beautiful place and must visit if visiting Pondicherry. There are many cafes in Auroville on the way to Matrimandir which are famous for their wood fired pizzas so lunch scenes are sorted when visiting Matrimandir.
shahana jagalur
Matrimandir, Pondicherry is the soul of Auroville, You have to walk for about 1.5-2 kilometers from visitor's center to the matrimandir viewing point but the walk is worth it. There are various works of several artist's on display en route, and so much greenery that you will feel like you are in a forest. You may see a few people passing by you on the road on their vespa's, smiling away at you. Smile back,wave and move along. There are several boutique's near the visitor's center, I personally recommend the Kalki Boutique for beautiful clothes, cute stationery and divine candles, moisturizers, body essences and more. Auroville has my heart, it was one place where I actually felt real peace and it definitely made me want to move there asap!
Visit to the MatrimandirAt the visitor centre in Auroville, travellers are required to watch an interesting 10-minute movie about the town and The Mother’s vision for this utopian and peaceful society. Before watching the clip, you’ll receive a free signed visitor pass to head to the viewing point. This pass does not however allow you inside the Matrimandir as it is not supposed to be tourist attraction but instead it’s a place for mediation only for people who believe in the Aurovillian philosophy. However, if you want to go inside the matrimandir, then you either need to stay longer to apply for pass or can also apply 3 days in advance.It’s a 15-minute shaded walk to matrimadir viewing point. Although, they say it’s a this is shaded, but it’s actually too hot. If you are not able to walk than their shuttle services which will transport you to the viewing point for free. When you reach the viewing pint, it’s really very serene and peaceful. You feel such a energy in this place.