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 Footloose Dev
I happened to visit this place during a blog trip to understand the advancements of a local NGO working in the area in order to train the local community for various skill sets and thus generate an additional source of income and improve life. As we made our way from Tamil Nadu and ended up in Vellore, before reaching Padavedu, I expected it to be a cluster of a few dull villages with nothing but a hint of inefficiency and indolence. A place where a tourist wanting to spend a few quick recreational days, at least, wound not want to visit. But what I found was rather the contrary.A calm and scenic place consisting of 17 villages, Padavedu is encircled by the Jawadu hills, river and other water bodies. Paddy fields and coconut trees equally complement its beauty giving the warmth of green in every sight.Things To See & Do AroundLearning Pottery