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Tangmarg Market

Durga Prasad Bhotra
We ended up finding an amazing hotel in front of taxi stand itself. Dumped our luggage in hotel, wore warm clothes and enjoyed the heavy snow fall which we were desperately waiting for. With gods grace we were lucky enough to witness the live heavy snow fall on our first day of the trip and we were super excited. Snow fall continued for at least 3 hours and we couldn’t stop ourselves enjoying the fullest coz this was our first live snow fall which we desperately missed in our last trip to Brahmatal(Uttrakhand).With freaking minus temperature we spent the night dancing to bollywood thumkas.
Adrian Sameli
Despite being cold and exhausted, I was mesmerized by Kashmir. I had one more day before returning to the dusty and polluted air of New Delhi. My last day, I spent together with both of my new friends. In an old, rumbling car, Fayaz and Umar chauffeured me around, took me to roaring Ningli Nalah Waterfall and the Jammia Mosque. No Kashmir experience is complete without trying local specialties. For lunch, we ate snacks out of newspaper: fried lotus stems called “Nader Monje” that tasted a bit like spicy fries and the local parantha (flatbread) called “Tobruk Halwe-Porath”.In the afternoon, we went to the lower hills where all the local boys played cricket. I felt really connected to those people and the land, as I silently observed them running around and enjoying the nature, instead of consuming TV or social media. Shortly before the sunset, Fayaz and Umar collected dry wood and lightened a bonfire. There we stood for an hour, in a tight circle around the natural fireplace, warming our bodies and soul. For my last night, they invited me to stay and eat at their home, together with the entire family.