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Tawang War Memorial

This war memorial is a tribute to the thousands of Indian army men who laid down their lives in defending our motherland during Indo-China border conflict in 1962.
Jyoti sharma
This permit then you have to submit at the brigade office which is opposite to war memorial. In general, it takes INR 10 for the permit application n INR 10 per permit but if you plan to get it done through agents then they charge you INR 700. As we had bikes , riding around to DC office and Brigade’s office was not difficult. 
The Brigadier’s post is situated near the Tawang War Memorial which was built in memory of the brave soldiers who gave their life in the Indo-Sino war in 1962. The jawans at the memorial were very hospitable and welcoming. One of them gave us a tour of the place, narrating details of the war and how the war had affected the locals and others. It felt good talking to the jawans and hearing about their experience of being in the army.
Niharika Baruah
2. War Memorial : The Tawang War Memorial is dedicated to the soldiers who lost their lives during the Sino-Indian war in 1962. I remember my father narrating me real life incidents of that time, when the whole family had to shift to safer location, as they feared attack by foreign soldiers, who intruded into India through the Himalayan border of Arunachal Pradesh. As Tezpur(my father’s hometown) is the 1st location in Assam-Arunachal border, all feared sudden attack. Every local fled from Tezpur,leaving behind their homes,cattles,all belongings,etc. Right now, I cannot imagine the plight of my paternal family. But with God’s grace, the Chinese soldiers retraced back from Bomdila and all were safe. May be because of these brave soldiers, who gave up their lives fighting for the people of the nation, that we feel safe at home. Salute to all the soldiers!!!3. The Craft Centre : If you wish to purchase some local handicrafts, local cloth materials, paintings, wall hangings, this is the place to be. Here, you can get many things to your liking, but they are a bit overpriced.If you dont wish to spend much cash, local markets are always at your perusal. The holy flags colored in bright hues, were my 1st buy. I got for myself a bag, made out of silky cloth and a closed-neck top,made of silk. Then my mother got some crockery, with beautiful dragons painted on it, all from the local shops. As it was raining, we could not move too much in search of more items, so we had to confine ourselves to 1-2 shops. But, if you are travelling on a good sunny day, there are lots of shopping options available.
The war memorial is a stone throw away and the light and sound show is nice out there. We walked through the narrow streets and enjoyed the view. There is no such thing called cafeteria there. Just keep absorbing the beauty and keep walking and if possible buy a cup of local caffeine and the winding road is your cafeteria for the rest of the day. All three of us enjoyed the road and wherever it took us. The people are uber friendly. They will give you a free ride whenever you want and also give their number for further help. I recommend it for hitchhiking, very safe for travellers. There are not many places to eat. In fact very few. The town shuts down by 5:30, yes yes 5:30! So we are usually back to our room by 6 and sometimes sit in the balcony and enjoy the gushing sound of the nearby waterfall in the dark with a glass of holy wine.