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Gunung Kawi Sebatu Temple

Devendra Gohad
Then we went to Gunung Kawi temple. A very less known yet a very beautiful construction you should not skip. It is built above water and you can actually hear sound of water flowing underneath the earth. Water is very systematically distributed all over the temple.
2. Gunung Kawi or Rock TempleLike a fairytale in stone, the structure is a 11th century spectacle where shrines are believed to be monuments for the then deceased royal family. A guided tour of the place is sure to reveal some of the mysteries of these engravings. Distance from Ubud: 14km
Samyak Mishra
En-route, we visited Gunung Kawi and Tirtha Empul. Gunung Kawi is a temple complex, where 10-rock cut shrines have been carved into around 23ft of cliff face. There are five temples on the east side, which belong to King Udayana, his wife and three sons. On the west side, there are similar temples that belong to the king’s minor queens.