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Redang Island Pulau Redang Kuala Terengganu Terengganu Malaysia

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Palm-fringed beaches, pristine white sand, clear blue water teeming with colourful marine life - That's why! Not undermining the beauty that is Langkawi, but if you're truly seeking to be closer to nature sans the crowds, Redang island is a great alternative. And if that's not reason enough for you, let me tell you this - South China Sea is a vision in blue! No matter which part of the island you put up at, the picture postcard-like views will not disappoint. And the best way to enjoy this is to obviously sit back and spend a lazy afternoon on a beach chair while sipping on fresh coconut water, and letting the breeze lull you into a siesta! But if you're one of those who likes to remain active, the island offers plenty to keep you busy.Diving/Snorkelling
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One such destination is the Redang Island, lying off the eastern coast of Malaysia, bang on the South China Sea. If the thought of a tranquil beach holiday resonates with you, this is where you should head to!
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The Redang archipelago consists of nine islands(Lima,Paku,Paku kiecil, Pinang, Ridang, Ling, Ekor Tebu, Kerengga Kecil, Kerrenga Besar)They all combined to form a marine park and offer some amazing aquatic life. Redang has excellent activities like snorkeling, diving, wind surfing. Redang even has its own airport.