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Maya Bay

Gaurang Garg
Before we went over to our third dive spot, shark point, we were served lunch onboard. The boad stopped right opposite Maya Bay (if you guys remember the movie "The Beach." This was the little paradise in that movie) For food we were served, Thai curry and Pad Thai cooked fresh on the board while we were doing our second dive. Also, this break was important because it helps eliminate the excess body nitrogen that we generate while diving.Shark Point was an hour and a half away, on the way back to Phuket. We chilled on the boat on the way back to our third dive spot. Shark point is famous for the docile leopard sharks that can be seen resting on the sand bed. Also, there had been a whale shark sighting here a few days back (exciting stuff). We were going to do a drift dive over here. The basic thing about drift diving is that you do not need to do any work, the current will take you along with it. So, we dove with some extra kilos and our BCD fully deflated. In diving terms, this is called a Negative entry. You do this to not expose yourself to the strong surface currents. This turned out to be a really exciting dive. The visibility was a good 15 metres and we saw so many different kinds of fish here. Unfortunately, because we were doing our drift dive, we were not able to see some of the really big stuff. One of the other groups saw two leopard sharks. Seeing the big stuff is basically down to luck. This was our last dive and soon we headed back to Phuket.By the time I reached back to the hostel, it was 8pm. All the lads at the hostel were playing drinking games. I joined them for a game of Kings cup. This was followed by a bar crawl which I went for an hour or so.
I would say just one of those Islands in Thailand
mayur saikia
Apoorv Kumar
The highlight of my trip to Thailand. An incredible snorkeling trip.