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Clock Tower Square

Gitika Saksena
Going back downhill to Nordzin Lam will seem like a breeze. The exercise is bound to make one feel famished, have lunch at the Musk Restaurant at the Clock Tower Square. The Square is a popular hangout for locals and tourists alike. At Musk, sample the Ema Datshi and Saag Datshi. Ema Datshi is a Bhutanese staple, cooked with oodles of cheese and red chillies. Saag Datshi is made with spinach and cheese. With hot Phulkas (flatbreads), the dishes taste delicious. Bhutanese are extremely warm and friendly people, and the owner of Musk restaurant is no exception.
This is one of the most happening places in town, which is always bubbling with life. A huge amphitheater where concerts and performances take place , open for everyone to enjoy. You can simply sit here and watch the day turn into the night with your spouse. - Numerous pubs around the town like Mojo Park, Jimmy's Pub and The Zone are also must visit. Here you can enjoy good live music or Karaoke over drinks and food.
A place right at the heart of the city where one can relax and spend their leisure time. One can have their meal,coffee,etc anywhere around this place and is definitely a must not only for travelers but anyone who visits Thimphu!
Mahuya Paul
A trip to Thimpu can’t be complete without spending at least one evening at the Thimpu Square. Dotted by cafes and shops selling everything from trinkets and handicrafts to everyday household items, Thimpu Square is a haven for tourists, who compare notes and give each other knowing nods. Though nobody really seems to be in a rush, there is a clock-tower right in the centre of the square. Bhutanese stamps have always had a place of pride in our amateur philately albums, so a visit to the Bhutan General Post Office, which is a stone’s throw from the Square, is also recommended.