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Simply Bhutan

They told us how the mud houses were built in Bhutan, singing songs and dancing and also made us do the same. Showed us their traditional kitchen and garden of fertility.
They will welcome you with ‘ara’ – a traditional drink of Bhutan made with rice, wheat or maze. Tell about the culture of Bhutan.
When you understand the values of food and drinks. We are trying ara with one finger dipped rotating clockwise three times before drinking giving its first drop to god.
♦♦♦Simply Bhutan Museum: Wanted a glimpse into Bhutanese culture along with some fun and found it here in the right measure. We were welcomed with the local wine Ara (made from fermented rice). We got a glimpse into traditional methods of construction, cooking, worship and other facets of Bhutanese culture. The highlights were wearing the local costume (Gho and Kira), dining the local way and joining in the last dance. We even tried our hand at archery (the national sport of Bhutan). Exposing yourself to various cultures is so vital towards personal growth. (100 Ngultrum- Entry ticket)♦♦Café Hopping: Thimphu has many cafes, Bhutanese heritage restaurants, casual eating as well as fine dining restaurants serving various cuisines. A favourite among the expats in Thimphu and conveniently located in the heart of the main town, Ambient cafe was our first stop. Followed by a cream roll from swiss bakery. After some shopping in the craft bazaar we headed to the Bhutan kitchen for some local food.♦♦ Craft Bazaar: (closed on Tuesdays, Opposite to Taj Tashi) is a perfect place to shop for art and craft of Bhutan. The shops are made using the eco-friendly bamboo and run by mostly youngsters, we were mesmerised by the vibrant colours on display. Managed to get some great deals on wood carvings and fridge magnets along with few prayer wheels.