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Padmanabhapuram Palace

Sunil Kumar
Padmanabhapuram Palace; Travancore era palace located at Padmanabhapuram , Kalkulam thaluk of Kanyakumari district in Tamil Nadu. This is an ancient palace with mesmerizing architecture, this wooden palace is fine example of excellence of art and craftsmanship is sure to allure every visitor with its unparalleled beauty is a part of Western Ghats in Thuckalay.
Sunil Kumar
Padmanabam Fort and Place;
Monika Swarna
The way to Padmanabhapuram place was so beautiful, crossing villages, playing hide and seek with sea and racing with greenery, I felt like I was in kerala. Palace is near to kerala boarder, The surrounding place belongs to tamilnadu but the palace is still under Kerala Govt.Padamanabhapuram palace is constructed in 17th century, but rebuilt by Travencore kings in 18th century. This 4 store granite palace was constructed in typical Kerala style. There is a beauty in Kerala style architecture which locks our eyes and we won’t realise it. Entrance fee for Palace with camera is 50INR. Kerala Government maintained the palace nicely and there are guides almost at every room who explains the history and importance of rooms. Weapons, sculptures and furniture used by Kings and Queens are still in the respective rooms. People are allowed to visit only 2 stores. There is picture gallery of Travencore Kings and Queens and museum in palace. There are also temples where one of the temple is used as Natyagriha (place for dance). It takes almost 2 to 3 hours to visit the palace completely. We came out and started for Kanyakumari to see sunset. But we couldn’t visit sunset too as it was cloudy. We were upset that we didn’t get chance to watch sunrise and sunset. We returned back to Chennai.From Kanyakumari to Chennai is around 750-600 kms. It was an overnight journey. We booked a youth hostel nearby Chennai central railway station. I was so tired that I slept till late noon. Even there were problem with weather and vehicle. I had an amazing roadtrip. Thanks to the great Kings who built these temples which were proof of rich indian history and culture, who are story tellers. I Promised I’ll visit again and returned with the happy memories that my childhood wish of visiting these places came true. 
Do Ghumakkad
As soon as I entered the main gate of Padmanabhapuram palace, its aesthetic glimpse left me rapturous, While I was trying to froze the panorama in a photograph the guard interrupted me and asked to remove footwear and buy a ticket first. The front yard is nicely leveled with beige color sand. It was soothing to walk on warm sand ascribed to morning sunlight.As soon as we entered first building complex we advanced towards beautiful verandah with illustrious intricately carved wooden interiors.
Do Ghumakkad
Padmanabhapuram palace is one of the best examples of traditional Kerala architecture, it is one of its kind located at the foot of the Veli Hills. Padmanabhapuram was the former capital city of the kingdom of Travancore. It is located at the distance of 34 Kms from Kanyakumari and well connected via government run buses and private taxis.POOVAR is a hidden paradise. A boat ride through Mangroves will leave you spellbind and pristine golden beach is bewitching. There is a floating restaurant which adds another remarkable thing to do.Other popular places are kovalum, Varakal,Thiruvananthapuram,ponmundi and sri subramanya swamy temple Tiruchendur. This post was originally published on Do Ghummakad.