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Talakona Waterfall

This beautiful waterfall is in the Venkateshwara National Park in the Tirupathi Region. The waterfall is surrounded bhy lush greenery, dense forests and rich flora which makes each part of this place look immensely beautiful. The waters of the fall are said to be filled with therapeutic values due to the goodness of of medicinal plants and herbsinfused in the waters. This place has also been declared as a Bio Reserve in the year 1990 due to the presence of the herbal plants here. As you drive up this place you will come across many tall and shady trees with exoyic birds and monkeys too. Canopy walks are a major activity that you can enjoy out here. Lord siddheshwara Swamy temple is a beautiful temple that attracts many vosotors annually.
Located in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh, this 82 m tall natural spot is housed in Sri Venkateshwara National Park. Talakona (tala-head, kona-hill) in literal terms means “the head of Seshachalam hills” since these hills are believed to be the starting points of the Tirumala mountain ranges.