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September - May
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Japanese Peace Pagoda

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The Peace Pagoda is hardly 3 km away from the mall road. In addition, the Buddhist temple is situated in the same campus. The Japanese Peace Pagoda is one of the several pagodas built by the Buddhist Nipponzan Myohoji. The aim of building this sacred testament was to encourage harmony, unity and goodwill amongst the people belonging to different sections of the society. The drumming Prayer sessions are held in the Buddhist temple and the devotees are offered a hand drum and encouraged to join in the rituals. The Buddhist mantra- Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo– is chanted while the drum is played in sync. The vital part of Buddhism is the belief that we have the ability to overcome any problem in life. We have the ability to transform any suffering. This mantra is a promise to oneself to never succumb to difficulties and to win over any form of suffering. The entry is free.